Let's face it, technology is here to stay and becoming a bigger part of our lives each day. 54% of 50 plus active adults own smart phones. Along with their phones many own some type of computer or tablet.

So the question becomes "where do people go to get quality training and information on the devices and software and apps they utilize?" This is where Tech School 101 comes in. We want to become a partner in providing exceptional technology training and resources when and where you need the information. Get started today click here


We provide training on multiple topics including but not limited to the following;

Staying Connected

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Video Chatting
  • Sharing media and information

Training also extends to everything about your device 

Setting up

  • Getting Started
  • Apps/Software
  • Understanding Hardware
  • Syncing
  • Passwords
  • Back Up

Best of all we give you options when it comes to where you get the training you need. Training can be providing in the comfort of your own home as an individual or a group. Attend one of our training events at one of our training facilities, hotels or an active adult community.

So stop the confusion and frustration surrounding your technology today and let Tech School 101 become your partner in learning and taking control of your technology, get started today click here.