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Have you ever experienced some type of training and afterwards said to yourself "I wish I had this on video" Well Tech School 101 gives you the option to record all of your sessions or just specific topics. The videos can then be played on your computer, DVD or mobile device. So two weeks after your training when your thinking "I wish I could see that again", you can. You also have the option of getting enhanced videos. These videos will include your training session along with detailed animations that will pinpoint key locations and highlight important steps. Get started for personal or business. 

There are plenty of training and how to books on the market and many of them are great but sometimes they are missing exactly what you want or cover or contain to much information. Tech School 101 can customize topic specific interactive books based on exactly what you want to learn. They are designed specifically for you and can be updated when there are new topics you would like to add. These interactive books can be made for Apple iBooks, Google Play books,and ebup readers(interactivity may be limited on some epub readers) Get started for personal or business. 

Use the training you received as an interactive reference guide. Tech School 101 will take key aspects of your training and customize an interactive reference guide. The guide will have detailed screens pointing out specific aspects of the training. There is also an option to incorporate audio and video into the PDF. You will be able to open the PDF on computers and most mobile devices through PDF readers. (interactivity may be limited on some digital readers) Get started for personal or business.

Passwords,  updates,  upgrades,  and error messages what does it all mean? Where can you find help to understand your technology? Let Tech School  101 be your guide when it comes to making informed decisions about your technology. We can help you with all your technology questions even your next purchase. Computers, tablets, phones and many things in between, we have the knowledge base to deliver or find the answers you need. Get started today. Click here for business needs.